The Many Benefits of Acupuncture and How it Helps Relieve Sleeping Disorders

The Many Benefits of Acupuncture and How it Helps Relieve Sleeping Disorders
Sleep disorders are a typical issue for grownups in the USA. The U.S Department of Health and Human Affairs states that roughly 30% of men and 40% of women struggle with various kinds of sleep disorders, avoiding them from falling or staying asleep. Mostly, sleep conditions are temporary that arise due to stress and anxiety and high levels of tension. As the tension levels decrease slowly, the sleeping conditions go away. However, persistent sleep disorders impact the health of an individual adversely. A specific feels fatigued all the time due to the absence of sleep. Long-lasting insomnia diminishes the lifestyle to a fantastic extent. There are a great deal of different types of sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, parasomnias, and narcolepsy.

In the United States, Insomnia is typically treated with pharmaceutical drugs consisting of sedatives and anti-depressants which can have some really damaging side-effects. On the other hand, acupuncture, a Chinese medical treatment, has no known side-effects and is considered safe for the treatment of sleeping disorders. In this treatment, thin needles are inserted into different parts of the body relying on the treatment needed. Different studies suggest that acupuncture doesn't just enhance the sleep duration but likewise enhances the quality of sleep.

There are a lot of different pressure points in the body which can be stimulated to treat sleeping disorders. The most essential pressure point exists behind the heart, in between the shoulder and the spinal column. It proves most helpful in curing sleeping disorders. Other pressure points located in on the arms, back of the neck, and the foot of an individual can be promoted to assist treat sleeping disorders.

In 2003, a research study was performed on 11 different speculative research studies published between the year 1975 and 2002. Each study revealed that acupuncture treatment does prove advantageous in treating sleeping disorders. This research study was published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing the same year. Most of the research studies under research were done by Chinese medical professionals and published in various medical journals. The researcher did note that just a select few of these research studies were randomized trials due to which the outcomes may not have been the product of acupuncture.

To resolve this concern, a separate research was carried out on 6 different blind trials in 2009. All these studies were done either in Hong Kong or Mainland China. These studies compared the auricular acupuncture with another type of treatment and the placebo result. 4 of these studies compared auricular acupuncture with standard pharmaceutical medicines, another study compared the effects of auricular acupuncture with non-intrusive care, and the last study compared it with fake acupuncture, in which, the needles are placed in random parts of the body instead of carrying out the actual treatment. All these research studies concluded that acupuncture did carry out much better in dealing with insomnia as compared with pharmaceutical drugs or the placebo result. The distinction in outcomes was quite clear, with a six-hour increase in sleeping time, and the sensation of freshness in the morning credited to acupuncture.

In a research study published in the Chinese Medical Journal in 2009, it was specified that acupuncture doesn't only enhance the duration of sleep but likewise improves the quality. The outcome of this research study showed that 67% of the patients were devoid of sleeping disorders even a month after the treatment. The type of acupuncture studied here was Electro-acupuncture. A lot of insurance business in the United States now do consist of acupuncture in their list of medical treatments.

Acupuncture has actually proven itself as one of the finest treatments for people suffering from insomnia. As pharmaceutical drugs are generally pricey and have negative adverse effects, acupuncture sticks out as a cost-effective, non-toxic treatment with far better results than its counterparts. This treatment is a must-try for everyone who has to deal with persistent insomnia.


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